Celia Dianne (Farmer) Barnes

Born March 16, 1949 in Wilson County. She attend XYZ schools. She is an avid designer/artist. She married James Wilbur Barnes (March 31, 1946 - Nov 7, 2009) on April 1972. Together they have two daughters Crystal Joy and Charlena Serene. She went on to obtain a bachelors of XX in Fashion. She retired from the Army Corp of Engineers after 40 years of service. She has one granddaughter.

Crystal was born July 3, 1974 married Keith Bullock on November 3, 2007. Through this union Kori Jamie was born on February 4, 2010.

Charlena was born December 14, 1977 married Larry Joseph Brooks on August 8, 2008.

Earl Farmer Sr.

Born on February 23, 1950. Heserved in the Army as an VVVV.  He is a master carpenter.  He  married Robin Maynor together they have one daughter.  He is currently married to Lenora Farmer (b May 23, 1953) together they have five children.  He has five grandchildren.

Anitra Jones March 14, 1975
Eric Parrish Jr. August 8, 1995

Sherise Farmer-Smith September 11, 1975

Felicia Farmer September 20, 1976
Jasmine Anderson June 13, 1995

Earl Farmer Jr. November 23, 1977
Brandon Albright May 27, 2003

Antonio Jones March 17, 1983

Xavier Jones December 4, 1984

Mary Lois Farmer-Allen

Born August 9, 1952 in Wilson County. She attend XYZ schools. She is an avid party planner. She married Frederick Allen August 2008. She has two daughters Tina Celica and Nina Takisha. She went on to obtain her Cosmetology license. She retired from the Government Printing Office. She has five grandchildren.

Tina was born December 6, 1972 married Eric Robinson on July 4, 200X. Through this union Tiana Cameron was born on February 24, 200X.

Nina was born June 12, 1974. On May 31, 1994 ,twin daughters Ciarra Nyesha and Kiarra Tyesha (deceased June XX), December 17, 2007 son Johnathan, and May twins Jayden and Caylen were born.